Redesigning the Police System

Task Force: Redesigning the Police System Congratulations! You have just been elected mayor of your city. While on the campaign trail, many voters expressed to you that they did not feel safe when interacting with the police force in the city. You have decided that redesigning the system of policing in the city will be […]

Portion sizes in the US

Task Force: Portion Sizes In the US Congratulations! The USDA has hired your team to design a new infographic that teaches people about portion sizes.  Why Are We Doing This? You’ve probably seen and learned about the Food Pyramid or MyPlate infographics designed to teach people about the different types of food they should eat […]

Public Sanitation in NYC

Task Force: Public Sanitation in NYC Congratulations! The NYC Public Sanitation Committee has recruited you to help mitigate issues of public sanitation in the city. Your goal is to combat post-pandemic obstacles associated with maintaining the city’s sanitation standards. Why Are We Doing This? In NYC, the public sanitation budget was dropped by more than […]

Meat-Eating: To Eat or Not to Eat

Task Force: Meat-Eating: To Eat or Not to Eat Uh-Oh! You are the CEO of a food-service company that supplies food to hundreds of college campuses across the country. Last month, the animal rights organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) published an article exposing that the meat you use comes from factory […]

Accessibility to Guns

Task Force: Accessibility to Guns Congratulations! You have just been elected to your state senate. During your campaign, you promised that you would fight to end gun violence in your state and limit the access that dangerous people have to guns. Now, you must craft a law that will accomplish your goals, but is also […]

Create Your Own Healthcare System

 Task Force: Create Your Own Healthcare System Congratulations! The Department of Health and Human Services has accepted your proposal to completely reform and redesign the American healthcare system! Your goal is to adhere to the various concerns of citizens to increase access to healthcare in the United States.  Why Are We Doing This? With approximately […]

Redesigning School Lunches

 Task Force: Redesigning School Lunches Congratulations! Your published letter to the superintendent of your local school district about school lunches went viral and has attracted the attention of the Department of Education. Now, you are being asked to redesign school lunch programs at a national level to meet the concerns of students and parents alike.   […]

Voting During COVID-19

Task Force: Voting During COVID-19 Congratulations! You have been tasked with making sure that every person who is eligible and wants to vote in the 2020 election can do so safely during the pandemic. Unfortunately, the impact of COVID-19 spills over to election time because people are afraid to go to voting areas in their […]

Vaccine Development and Distribution

Task Force: Vaccine Development and Distribution Congratulations! The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has put you in charge of the distribution of a newly developed vaccine for an infectious disease spreading throughout the nation. Your goal is to try and devise a plan to distribute the vaccine amongst citizens of our nation as well […]

Flattening The Curve

Task Force: Flattening The Curve Congratulations! The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has put you in charge of flattening the curve. It is your job to ensure that COVID-19 does not continue to exponentially spread, and to lower the number of people getting infected each day.  Why Are We Doing This?: This Washington […]