Imaginative Op-Eds

A tool to integrate argumentative writing and critical thinking into English and literature. 


Readers 4SC is an imaginative op-eds activity, where student-written articles on events from the fictional books they read that are published on our website.

Students who participate in our activity write an editorial (op-ed) article on an event in one of the books they’ve read as if they are currently living in that story. Through the activity, students are better able to understand persuasive writing by imagining what the potential perspectives of the time/region might have been in the story they’ve “entered”.

We provide lesson plans, resources, and a platform for teachers who want to integrate our argumentative writing course material into their classrooms..

Through this exercise, students will learn how to

  • develop strong thesis statements,
  • respond to counterarguments,
  • and think and write from an alternative perspective.

Overall, this project will foster not only strong analytical skills but also critical, empathetic skills necessary for becoming an effective civic leader.

Universal Use:This activity can be implemented regardless of the  genre or time period in which the story takes place. For example, if the current unit is on To Kill a Mockingbird, teachers can have students write about Tom Robinson’s trial as if they were writing on it for the next day’s New York Times.


Topics & Prompts

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Pizza Party

Every month, one classroom that has the highest participation rate (students who submit articles/total students in the class will win pizza for all students in the class.