Sunday, February 28 2021

Teaching Civic Leaders

Educators 4SC equips teachers with resources to develop their students’ capacity to become effective civic leaders who write persuasively, speak passionately, and actively participate in the creation and dissemination of ideas.


Topic Resources

Resources for incorporating topical issues (i.e. race, gender identity, and police brutality) into your lessons

Classroom Practices

Compilations on current debates in classroom practices (i.e. safe spaces, trigger warnings, and detention)

Academy 4SC

Videos on various civics concepts from across the disciplines from psychology and philosophy to economics and history

Classroom Projects

Our classroom projects help teacher integrates argumentative writing and critical thinking into various subjects and allow students to get published on our website! There’s also a chance to win a pizza party for the whole class! ​

Historians 4SC

Students write articles as they imagine themselves in formative historical moments.

Readers 4SC

Students write articles as they imagine themselves in famous works of literature.

Students 4SC

Students write articles on current events and form or defend their own opinions.

Featured: The Peaceful Transfer of Power

Check out our page on teaching about this key function of democratic societies.

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