United 4 Social Change Programming Spring/Summer 2020

United 4 Social Change has a number of exciting programs coming up this spring and summer for students of all age groups. Whether your students and parents are looking for one-day activities, a virtual camp, online courses, or public speaking competitions, U4SC has excellent opportunities for students to stay engaged and develop new skills during this time of digital learning. Please pass these along to students and parents that you feel could benefit! 

  1. Leaders 4SC Virtual Summer Workshop: We’re offering four virtual sessions of our week-long persuasive speaking and argumentative writing workshops that cover various disciplines and incorporate a different current event every day. Students can participate for as little as one week and as many as all four throughout the month of July. For rising 5th-9th graders. 
  2. Leaders 4SC One-Day Workshops: On May 16th and 30th 1-3pm ET we are providing two workshops for students to explore the importance of written and spoken advocacy and discuss a relevant issue. Also, students are invited to join us on Saturdays in July for conference-style workshops where they role-play as key stakeholders like government, businesses, and nonprofits to tackle an important issue. These are open to camp students as well as others who would like to join for only the Saturday conferences. 
  3. Hybrid argumentative writing course and internship: A course and internship in one! Students develop analytical and argumentative writing skills, write editorial pieces for our website, and share their thoughts and opinions on issues they care about. For high school and college students. 
  4. Persuasive speaking course: A course to develop persuasive speaking skills while students share their thoughts and opinions on issues they care about. For students 16 and under. 
  5. Associates 4SC internship placements: We’re launching a course and placement program for high school and college students interested in working for or volunteering with nonprofits and want to build the requisite skills including using wordpress and canva as well as researching and writing grants .
  6. Persuasive Speaking Competitions: Students of all ages are invited to submit 5 minute speeches tackling the following topics: Should schools/colleges cancel summer vacation? (Due May 15th) and Should the voting age be reduced? (Due May 30th). The top three speeches in each age group (elementary, middle, and high school) will be rewarded with a $25 gift card.