US Intervention in Foreign Issues

Task Force: US Intervention in Foreign Issues Congratulations! You are a member of the foreign policy team for the newly-elected president. You will be responsible for advising the president on issues going on around the world and making recommendations for if and when the US should involve itself in these issues.  Why Are We Doing […]

Not in My Backyard

Task Force: Not in My Backyard Congratulations! You are the president of your local zoning board, the group who evaluates proposals for new buildings in your area. Today, you are addressing the need for more affordable housing, while responding to concerns from residents. For the sake of this task force, imagine that you are the […]

Redesigning the Police System

Task Force: Redesigning the Police System Congratulations! You have just been elected mayor of your city. While on the campaign trail, many voters expressed to you that they did not feel safe when interacting with the police force in the city. You have decided that redesigning the system of policing in the city will be […]

A Country With No Interest Groups

Task Force: A Country With No Interest Groups Congratulations! You have been given the power to design the political system of a new country! However, because this country is new, no interest groups have formed yet to represent the needs of different groups. So, you are tasked with designing a system that fairly distributes power […]

Combating Inflation

Task Force: Combating Inflation Oh no! The inflation rate is rising more rapidly than economists agree is beneficial. You have been assigned to try and help the United States federal government combat rising inflation. Why Are We Doing This? Inflation is, “…a measure of the rate of rising prices of goods and services in an […]

Public Sanitation in NYC

Task Force: Public Sanitation in NYC Congratulations! The NYC Public Sanitation Committee has recruited you to help mitigate issues of public sanitation in the city. Your goal is to combat post-pandemic obstacles associated with maintaining the city’s sanitation standards. Why Are We Doing This? In NYC, the public sanitation budget was dropped by more than […]