Mental Health Awareness Program

Task Force: Mental Health Awareness Program Congratulations! As part of mental health awareness month, your school has decided to fund a student-led mental health awareness program. Your group is responsible for deciding what that program should look like.  Why Are We Doing This? Mental health awareness month is about combating stigma around mental illness, educating […]

School to Prison Pipeline

Task Force: School to Prison Pipeline Congratulations! You have been selected to develop a teacher training program designed to help teachers disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline.   Why Are We Doing This? The ACLU defines the school-to-prison pipeline as “a disturbing national trend wherein children are funneled out of public schools and into the juvenile and […]

Technology in the Classroom

Task Force: Technology in the Classroom Congratulations! You have been selected as part of a committee to study the best use of technology in the classrooms in your school district, and convince the school board of the best places to invest in educational technology.  Why Are We Doing This? There are many differing opinions about […]

Standardized Testing

Task Force: Standardized Testing  Congratulations! You are members of your state board of education. You have been tasked with deciding if and how state standardized tests should change after the COVID pandemic.  Why Are We Doing This? During the first year of the pandemic, many standardized tests were either canceled or made optional for students. […]

Redesigning Sex Education

Task Force: Redesigning Sex Education Congratulations! The US Department of Education has decided to draft national legislation on requirements for sex education in the United States. Your team has been appointed to help brainstorm ideas for this new legislation.  Why Are We Doing This? Currently in the US, all decisions about what is or is […]

Punishment in Schools

Task Force: Punishment in Schools Congratulations! You have been appointed to a national committee that advises schools on updating their punishment policies. Your job is to teach schools how to design punishment policies that are fair, effective, and reduce harm to students.  Why Are We Doing This? Figuring out the best way to discipline students […]

Dress Code in Schools

Task Force: Dress Code is Schools Congratulations! You have just been hired as the Vice Principal of your local public high school. This year, you and the other members of the administration have decided to review the dress code policy and draft new guidelines for students.  Why Are We Doing This? When we think of […]

Decolonizing History in Schools

Task Force: Decolonizing History in Schools Congratulations! You have been selected to redesign the way history is taught in schools through a decolonizing perspective. Your goal is to address the need for reteaching white-washed course materials to address major discrepancies in the way historical events are portrayed.   Why Are We Doing This? Decolonizing history means […]

Freedom of Speech on Campus

Task Force: Freedom of Speech on Campus Congratulations! You have been hired to join the school board of trustees at your local university. However, a couple of weeks into your position a freedom of speech issue has risen due to students wanting to ban certain speakers from your campus. Your task is to try and […]

Art Museum

Task Force: Art Museum Congratulations! You have been hired as the curator for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. You are tasked with deciding what kinds of new art you want to add to your museum in the next couple of years.    Why Are We Doing This? When visiting a museum, we seldom question how each […]