Students Have A Say

Your goal is to address concerns of students whose voices have been unheard for years.

Task Force: Students Have A Say


The Board of Education has decided to put you in charge of completely redesigning the American education system. Your goal is to address concerns of students whose voices have been unheard for years. 

Why Are We Doing This?

In recent years, discussions about the education system’s approach to standardized testing, discipline, and cost of higher education have been increasingly put into question. Students often feel their voices are being unheard and underrepresented in issues that directly affect them. Here, we ask you to try and redefine, reform, and transform aspects of the education system that you feel students are concerned about the most. Essentially,  you are trying to design an ideal education system that addresses the unheard voices of students throughout the country. 


  1. Before you begin, research some information about the education system in the United States. What are some of the common issues addressed by students? What are some proposed solutions to solve these problems?
  2. Then, try to redesign aspects of the education system you find most concerning. 
    1. What are some aspects of the education system students are discontent with?
    2. How will you address problems concerning standardized testing? What programs/initiatives will you implement?
    3. How will you address discipline issues in schools? What are some guidelines and rules faculty will be required to follow?
    4. How will you address the cost of higher education? Will higher education be made free? How will you address objections to free education?
    5. What are some other issues associated with the education system?
      1. How do you plan to reform them?
  3. Think through the possible objections about your redesigned school system and how you will address them.
  4. Share with the group and see if you can convince them that your redesigned education system shapes a better future for students in coming generations.

Things to Keep in Mind:

You do not have to come up with an exhaustive list of guidelines for your redesigned education system. Focus on a few you are prepared to defend.