Educators 4SC Conference on Crisis Teaching and Education

Educators 4SC would like to invite educators, administrators, non-profit organizations, and others to our Virtual Conference on Crisis Teaching and Education during this global crisis.

We hope that this conference can both be a space in which to process and build solidarity among educators and a way to share best practices and tools for navigating the rest of the school year. 

Dates: Sunday, 3/29 | Time: 10am-5pm CT | Cost: Free, Registration Required

Location: Virtually using a custom platform that will not require any special downloads or software to participate in (built on Zoom).


  1. How can I register?: Sign up below!
  2. Can I join for only part of it?: Yes! You can join for as little or as much as you want!
  3. Can I move between rooms? Yes! We ask that you try to minimize the disruption, but feel free to move around if more than one room interests you.
  4. Some of these room breakdowns seem large, can we do even smaller breakouts?: Yes! Each room can be further broken down if the room decides. Our moderators will help participants do that! For example, we can break out the high school science group into Chemistry, Biology, etc.
  5. Some of these room breakdowns seem small, can we do even larger breakouts?: Depends! If sign-ups for any particular sub-division are too small to justify having a separate breakout, we’ll email participants on their preferred colleagues to join.
  6. Can we add XYZ Room/Topic?: We expect some slight modifications and are happy to entertain proposals to change anything up. Please email [email protected].
  7. Can I help lead/facilitate?: Sure, just email [email protected] with the session you wish to help facilitate.


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