Destroy a Stereotype

Task Force: Destroy a Stereotype Congratulations! You are the Executive Director of a newly founded nonprofit aimed at combating social inequality. Your task is to design a program that destroys a stereotype.  Why Are We Doing This? In the United States, there are many stereotypes about race, gender, culture, minority status, and sexuality, among others. […]

Art Museum

Task Force: Art Museum Congratulations! You have been hired as the curator for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. You are tasked with deciding what kinds of new art you want to add to your museum in the next couple of years.    Why Are We Doing This? When visiting a museum, we seldom question how each […]

Evaluating Grant Proposals

Task Force: Evaluating Grant Proposals Congratulations! You have been selected to join the board of a foundation that donates to non-profit organizations. You will be given the responsibility of trying to figure out which organizations you should allocate your funds to.   Why Are We Doing This? Non-profit organizations greatly depend on donations and grants to […]