School to Prison Pipeline

Task Force: School to Prison Pipeline Congratulations! You have been selected to develop a teacher training program designed to help teachers disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline.   Why Are We Doing This? The ACLU defines the school-to-prison pipeline as “a disturbing national trend wherein children are funneled out of public schools and into the juvenile and […]

Teaching the History and Conversations around Reproductive Rights

Introduction  Teaching about reproductive rights can encapsulate a large number of topics, from sex education to access to contraception, to abortion, to maternal healthcare. And these are not topics that need to be reserved for health curricula. They are relevant when discussing public policy, the Supreme Court, and women’s rights and history more broadly.  The […]

Discrimination at Airports: TSA Training Program

Task Force: Discrimination at Airports: TSA Training Program Congratulations! You have been hired by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to develop a training program for its employees to address the discrimination that people experience at airports.  Why Are We Doing This? Certain groups have been historically discriminated against by TSA, including Black people, people of […]

Breaking Down Education Barriers for Girls

Task Force: Breaking Down Education Barriers for Girls Congratulations! You have been hired by UNICEF as part of a research team to investigate the biggest issues that girls around the world face when it comes to accessing education.  Why Are We Doing This? Around the world, girls still face logistical, cultural, and financial barriers to […]

Diversifying Disney

Task Force: Diversifying Disney  Congratulations! You have just been hired as an executive at Disney and it will be your job to decide which movies get made. Your goal is to make sure more diverse stories get told so you must figure out how you will find the right scripts and what criteria you will […]

Land Back

Task Force: Land Back Congratulations! You have been asked to join the planning committee for COP27, the international climate conference happening in Egypt in 2022. You want to ensure that the voices of indigenous communities are listened to by the government leaders in attendance.   Why Are We Doing This? Indigenous activists argue that returning to […]

Teaching Equity vs Equality

Introduction The terms “equality” and “equity” come up regularly in conversations about social issues. The rights of racial minorities, women, LGBTQ+ communities, disabled individuals, and more depend on the interpretation and use of these terms in laws and policies. These terms are often used interchangeably, but this mistake can have real-life implications.  Equality refers to […]

Fighting for Gender Neutral Restrooms

Task Force: Fighting for Gender Neutral Restrooms Congratulations! You work for an organization that fights for the rights of trans and non-binary people. You have been tasked with designing an advocacy plan to persuade business, school, and government leaders to make gender neutral restrooms more widely available in public spaces.  Why Are We Doing This? […]

Not in My Backyard

Task Force: Not in My Backyard Congratulations! You are the president of your local zoning board, the group who evaluates proposals for new buildings in your area. Today, you are addressing the need for more affordable housing, while responding to concerns from residents. For the sake of this task force, imagine that you are the […]

Redesigning the Police System

Task Force: Redesigning the Police System Congratulations! You have just been elected mayor of your city. While on the campaign trail, many voters expressed to you that they did not feel safe when interacting with the police force in the city. You have decided that redesigning the system of policing in the city will be […]