Accessibility to Guns

Task Force: Accessibility to Guns Congratulations! You have just been elected to your state senate. During your campaign, you promised that you would fight to end gun violence in your state and limit the access that dangerous people have to guns. Now, you must craft a law that will accomplish your goals, but is also […]

Pollution in NYC

Task Force: Pollution in NYC Congratulations! You have been chosen by the New York City Department of Environmental Protection to suggest new pollution-reducing strategies for the city.  Why Are We Doing This? Air, water, and land pollution are negatively impacting the health of New Yorkers. Every year, pollution causes preventable deaths and hospital visits. It […]

Decolonizing History in Schools

Task Force: Decolonizing History in Schools Congratulations! You have been selected to redesign the way history is taught in schools through a decolonizing perspective. Your goal is to address the need for reteaching white-washed course materials to address major discrepancies in the way historical events are portrayed.   Why Are We Doing This? Decolonizing history means […]

Choose Your Own Cabinet Members

Task Force: Choose Your Own Cabinet Members Congratulations!   You have just been elected president of the United States. Before you take office, you must decide on who will run each department of the executive branch. These people will become part of your cabinet of advisors and will help you make incredibly important decisions.  Why […]

Citizenship Process

Task Force: Citizenship Process Congratulations! The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services has chosen you to redesign the citizenship process. Your goal is to critique its current components and come up with unique reforms to address them.  Why Are We Doing This? There are a series of steps involved in becoming a citizen in the […]

Create Your Own “Sacred Cows”

Task Force: Create Your Own “Sacred Cows” Congratulations! You have been assigned by the United States Congress to present a list of policies and/or programs that should be “sacred cows.” You can choose from pre-existing programs or create new ones, but be prepared to defend each to a panel for approval. Your list will be […]

Subsidies for Farms

Task Force: Subsidies for Farms Congratulations! The National Farmers Union has recruited you to advocate for them through a proposal to the government about leftover farm products. Your goal is to preserve farmer jobs by implementing a government program.  Why Are We Doing This? In the United States, there are 2,042,220 farms, 31.5% of which […]

International Surrogacy Norms

Task Force: International Surrogacy Norms  Congratulations! You have been hired by the World Health Organization (WHO) to create a policy designed to create international surrogacy norms. You will specifically be asked to address Americans visiting lower income countries with the goal of paying less for surrogate mothers.  Why Are We Doing This? Surrogacy allows infertile […]

Dealing With PR Crisis

Task Force: Dealing With PR Crisis Oh no! You have been in charge of a major corporation for nine years, but a recent article has exposed the use of child labor in a few of your factories in some areas of the world. Your goal is to imagine the accusations are true and figure out […]

Freedom of Speech on Campus

Task Force: Freedom of Speech on Campus Congratulations! You have been hired to join the school board of trustees at your local university. However, a couple of weeks into your position a freedom of speech issue has risen due to students wanting to ban certain speakers from your campus. Your task is to try and […]