Standardized Testing

Task Force: Standardized Testing  Congratulations! You are members of your state board of education. You have been tasked with deciding if and how state standardized tests should change after the COVID pandemic.  Why Are We Doing This? During the first year of the pandemic, many standardized tests were either canceled or made optional for students. […]

Not in My Backyard

Task Force: Not in My Backyard Congratulations! You are the president of your local zoning board, the group who evaluates proposals for new buildings in your area. Today, you are addressing the need for more affordable housing, while responding to concerns from residents. For the sake of this task force, imagine that you are the […]

Redesigning the Police System

Task Force: Redesigning the Police System Congratulations! You have just been elected mayor of your city. While on the campaign trail, many voters expressed to you that they did not feel safe when interacting with the police force in the city. You have decided that redesigning the system of policing in the city will be […]

Portion sizes in the US

Task Force: Portion Sizes In the US Congratulations! The USDA has hired your team to design a new infographic that teaches people about portion sizes.  Why Are We Doing This? You’ve probably seen and learned about the Food Pyramid or MyPlate infographics designed to teach people about the different types of food they should eat […]

A Country With No Interest Groups

Task Force: A Country With No Interest Groups Congratulations! You have been given the power to design the political system of a new country! However, because this country is new, no interest groups have formed yet to represent the needs of different groups. So, you are tasked with designing a system that fairly distributes power […]

Redesigning Sex Education

Task Force: Redesigning Sex Education Congratulations! The US Department of Education has decided to draft national legislation on requirements for sex education in the United States. Your team has been appointed to help brainstorm ideas for this new legislation.  Why Are We Doing This? Currently in the US, all decisions about what is or is […]

Combating Inflation

Task Force: Combating Inflation Oh no! The inflation rate is rising more rapidly than economists agree is beneficial. You have been assigned to try and help the United States federal government combat rising inflation. Why Are We Doing This? Inflation is, “…a measure of the rate of rising prices of goods and services in an […]

Handling the Heatwave

Task Force: Handling the Heatwave Congratulations! California’s Climate Crisis Committee has put you in charge of preemptively designing solutions for heatwaves in the state.  Why Are We Doing This? In 2021, California faced its hottest summer on record with deadly heatwaves and wildfires across the state. With these changes comes the pressing responsibility of the […]

Age Discrimination

Task Force: Age Discrimination Congratulations! The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has asked you to be part of its newly assembled team that will tackle issues related to age discrimination. You must think about the different types of age discrimination that occurs against different age groups and think about how you could push for changes […]

Punishment in Schools

Task Force: Punishment in Schools Congratulations! You have been appointed to a national committee that advises schools on updating their punishment policies. Your job is to teach schools how to design punishment policies that are fair, effective, and reduce harm to students.  Why Are We Doing This? Figuring out the best way to discipline students […]