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[tab title=”1918-Spanish Flu”]

  • Write an article from a journalistic point of view about how the Spanish Flu impacted everyday life. Keep in mind the time period and how drastic the pandemic was.
  • Write an op-ed what citizens should during the pandemic. What might you tell others to persuade them to agree with you.
  • Imagine that the Influenza epidemic is currently going on, and you have to write an article describing it impact on your life. 


Citizens of Alabama on the Spanish Flu

‘You Must Wash Properly.’ Newspaper Ads From the 1918 Flu Pandemic

Audio Report From Philadelphia On the Spanish Flu

Audio Report From Coal Miner From Kentucky On the Influenza Epidemic of 1918

11 Accounts on the Influenza Epidemic 

 Service Members on how the Influenza Epidemic Impacted them

How Influenza Impacted Immigrants from Entering the USA

Reports On Burying 

Reports on how people tried to stop the Virus

Young women wear masks on shopping expeditions during Influenza Epidemic

Memorandum Regarding Sanitary Precautions

Spraying the Throat Against Influenza in Dallas, Texas

Traffic Cop in New York City- Wearing a Gauze Mask

Cincinnati barbers are wearing masks due to spread of Influenza

Physics class held outdoors during Influenza Epidemic

Red Cross Workers Making Anti-influenza Masks

Precautions Against Influenza


[tab title=”World War I-The Great Depression”]

  • Imagine that the Treaty of Versailles was just signed and you have to write an op-ed agreeing or disagreeing with it. Keep in mind the 14 Points and what might you tell others to try and persuade them to agree with you. 


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