Introducing Students to Legality vs Morality Through the Lens of Immigration

Introduction  Conversations about immigration have been prominent in the news again recently, and for good reason. On the campaign trail, and during his first days in office, President Biden promised a shift in immigration policy from his predecessor. Now, the Biden administration is facing criticism from both the left and right for the handling of […]

Revisiting the Equal Rights Amendment During Women’s History Month

Introduction  March is Women’s History Month, which makes it the perfect time to look back on the fight for women’s rights throughout history with your students. Many students (and probably some teachers) are surprised to learn that the right to vote is the only right specifically given to women in the United States Constitution. While […]

Civic Education Roundup Week of June 1st

This week, a look at how structural barriers to education and advancement among students affect approaches to civic education; an analysis of how the move towards state subsidization of private schools in America affects the quality of civic education delivered to students; a philosophical defense of peace education as a necessary component of civic education, […]